What is HelpDeskReport.com?

HelpDeskReport.com is a place for IT managers, help desk agents, and customer service professionals to share their experiences using help desk and customer service desk software. The site includes a number of tools to aid in the software selection process including: comprehensive vendor and software lists, real expert user reviews and ratings based on key software attributes.

The Problem:

There are countless software vendors offering help desk and service desk solutions.  Many of these solutions have little or no feature differentiation and all claim the same benefits. However, there are many factors beyond software features that need to be considered when deciding on a new business software solution. Factors such as performance, scalability, maintenance, integration are all important, but hard to gauge prior to using the software for a period of time.  These additional factors are not easy to gauge prior to purchasing and require knowledge that comes only with first hand experience.

The Solution:

HelpDeskReport.com provides real software evaluations and advice from  experienced users.  Browse the growing list of reputable IT and help desk software solutions and discover what solutions are available and what users have to say about them before making a final purchase decision.

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