Writing Reviews

What should I write about?

Currently, it is difficult to find any quality help desk and IT product reviews from real knowledgeable users. Software and other product reviews are hard to come by because we are inundated with advertisements and paid fake editorial content that are usually written by vendors or marketing firms.

However, nothing is better than a reference from an individual with first hand experience.

So, when writing a review we suggest:

1. Set the stage

This will help readers understand if your situation is similar to theirs.

  • How is the software used at your organization?
  • Is it a small, medium, or large team?
  • What is your department and who is your customer?

2. Describe the key benefits (or key negative aspects)

Feature lists are great, but readers can get those from the vendor. Point out a unique feature, benefit, or situation and it will be appreciated.

  • What are the core benefits or negative traits of this solution?
  • What is a single feature or two that is unique in the industry?
  • Are there any numbers you can share – ROI, Decrease/Increase percentages, Call rates, etc…?

3. Sum it up

We are in IT, so we are all busy. Give it a brief summary or a verdict.

  • What is your advice?
  • What are the Pro’s and Con’s of using the solution?

*You don’t need to include all of the above – These are just a few suggestions to get you thinking about where to start.

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