Surviving IT During the Holidays

The Front Line

Working in customer service is stressful….and the holiday season only makes it worse. It is especially stressful for the front line help desk technicians and customer service reps that deal directly with increased call volume, longer hours, and short tempered customers. Hey, everyone is stressed during the holidays – not just IT. Lauren Carlsen, a CRM analyst from Software Advice,  gives a few suggestions for improving your customer service this holiday season. The payoff will be improved customer service year round. Read Lauren’s Four Tips to Make Your Holiday Help Desk Shine.

The Op’s

It’s not just the frontline with increased stress during the holidays – It is all IT. The holiday will strain every aspect of your IT organization from infrastructure to your organizational workflows. It is important to recognize what works and what doesn’t during these peak times. Read how you can use the increase in activity during the holiday to improve your operations, staffing, and procedures in The Holiday Help Desk Stress Test.



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