Zypr – A Siri Competitor For Other Platforms

Zypr is a new voice-powered, cloud-based API for software developers to easily integrate the Web’s best services and data across multiple platforms. Voice controlled applications can be built for a growing number of supported services and platforms including:  Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, and Amazon.


The Zypr API

Siri may be an amazing product, however, it is closed to developers wanting to extend the technology or use it in their own applications and uses. Zypr aims to be both embeddable and extendable. Developers can use the Zypr API to access 3rd party internet services. The services are abstracted and developers do not need to create integration for each service or worry about compatibility as changes are made. The API also includes the capability to do single sign-on for the user, enabling a unified service profile for the user across multiple devices. Signup for an developer key here and download the latest from github.

Side Notes

If you actually read the API license you will notice the API is free because there will be ads displayed. You, the developer, will receive 15% of ad revenue. There are also a number of usage requirements regarding branding and attribution. Also, it appears that the API has  a similar weakness to Siri in that it requires an internet connection to access API information over https – no using voice controls when out of range.

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