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Solution Type:Software
Core Function:Help Desk Software,ITSM Suite
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Deployment Options:On-Premise,SaaS
Trial Available:no
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Target Market:Medium,Enterprise
Vendor:Axios Systems
Web:Visit Axios Systems
Address:60 Melville Street
Edinburgh EH3 7HF
Country:United Kingdom
Main / Toll-Free Phone:+1 (703) 326 1357  /  
Fax:+1 (703) 326 0429
Summary:Strong best practices and pre-configured processes. The assyst solution includes many features that would be considered add-on components in similar solutions.
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  1. Todd McCall
    Feedback: 22 positive, 1 negative

    Non-intuative, troublesome, cumbersome, exceedingly frustrating.
    I launch the application into a large blank screen. what to do next?
    I want to see the tickets assigned to me. Do I click on “Infrastructure, Configuration, Incident, Problem, Change or User”?
    How about Problem.
    The only option under Problem is “Event Monitor”. I don’t want to monitor anything, I just want to see a list of my tickets.
    Lets click back over to”Incident”.
    Now my options are “Event Monitor (again), Import Processor or Statistics”?
    What in the heck is Import Processor? What does that have to do with ticketing?
    Ok, fine. Lets click on each one just to see if we can get lucky.
    First its “Event Monitor”.
    The Event Monitor window opens and it has no data in any of its fields, but suddenly another window pops up in front of it, titled “PROFILE SELECTION.”
    What do I want to do with my profile? I’m already logged in!
    I see fields: Start Ref, End Ref, Start Date, End Date, Start Time, End Time… what does a profile have to do with a start/end date and time?
    There is nothing to select, click on or to do. I have buttons: OK, CANCEL, NEW/EDIT.
    I have no choice but to see how deep this rabbit hole goes and I click New/Edit.
    It looks like I have to give my new “profile” a name with a myriad of fields to check and uncheck including but not limited to: “Internal Resolution Breach”, “External Response Breach”, “Escalation Level”.
    What in the heck is this? What are we breaching? All I need to know is if I have to reset someone’s password or replace their telephone hand set. Who is breaching what?

    Where are my tickets?!?

    Here are some familiar check boxes: “Incident, Tasks, Problems, Changes”. Can someone please tell me the difference between an Incident and a Problem? We should add a check box that says “Issue”, and “Situation”.
    I know, lets check them all!
    Now I have another group “Open, close, Pending”. FINALLY! Something that makes a little bit of sense. I will check all of those.
    I see pull down boxes: “Alert Status” and TWO for “State”? I have an Implementation Stages section… I… just… cant…. figure… this… out…!

    Oh no!
    There are SIX MORE TABS!!!!
    “Assignment”, Incident”, “Item”,”Item B” (I am not making this up) “Organization”, “Actions”.
    How long is it going to take for me just to see a list of my trouble tickets? Can I just see them all and I will sort them out?
    Ignoring the rest of the tabs, I clicked OK out of fear, frustration and desperation, and BOOM! There is a list of my trouble tickets!
    Thank You! (how did I do that?)

    Ok, I fixed a problem and I need to close the ticket but I want to leave my comments.
    With the Incident/Problem/Issue/Situation highlighted, I click on the “Actions…” button.

    Now I get to choose from: “Normal, Suggested, Stage, Future, User Status, Clock, Assign internal, User Call Back, Additional Information, Follow Up/Chase Up, Close To Pending, Close, State, Other, Impact”.
    How could there possibly be so many options for a single trouble ticket?
    Lets click on Normal…
    Oh No! This is NOT Normal!
    “Additional Svd Help Requested”
    “Correction Required or Needed”
    “Develop Implementation Plan”
    “Implement Change”
    “Installed hardware”
    “Not Implemented”
    “Problem Statement”
    “Production Data Change”
    “Reboot (Internal)”
    “Request For Information”
    “Root Cause Found”
    “Send Assignemnt Email”
    “Site Visit”
    “Technical Analysis”
    “User Escalation”
    “Work Around”
    “Work Around (Internal)” – (I am not making this up)

    A password reset is obviously NOT normal, and must not happen very often in ASSYST Land. Obviously, I am not capable of using ANY of these “Normal” categories. I give up.
    Lets go back one level and just click “Close” without capturing any information. Another big window pops up named “Actions – Incident 493830”.
    All previous actions are listed, and the first blank field where I can type something in is named “Action Detail”. So I type in “Reset password.”
    Wait a minute…
    There is no OK button.
    There is no SAVE button.
    All the other forms had buttons. This one has none. What did I ever do to deserve this?

    There is nothing else I can do on this form to save my information. I don’t know what to do. I better ask someone.

    Ok, so now I am told I have to click onto the main window, where three other windows are opened and click on the Save icon which is a picture of a 3.5″ floppy.
    Uh-oh. Error.
    “JTP:1014 The following fields have not been completed: Cause”
    They forgot their password. I just reset it. What cause? Lets click on the HUGE button next to the field (didn’t realize it was an actual button).

    Now I get an “assyst Search” window.
    Its a spreadsheet with rows and columns. It looks like a simple query was run and these are the results. Am I supposed to do something here? Well THIS form has an OK button, so that’s a clue.

    The first column is named “Category” with these rows: “FULFILLED, NO ISSUE FOUND, NOT FULFILLED, NOT RESOLVED, (why would anyone close a ticket that is not resolved?) RESOLVED, SYSTEM CHANGE, USER EDUCATION, USER RESOLVED”
    Well, since the first row, FULFILLED, is already highlighted, I am going to just click OK.
    And now the word “Fulfilled” popped up in the CAUSE field.
    I could have typed it in myself without going to all the trouble of managing another window where I have to select a row on a spread sheet. Why not a drop down list? Why not a series of buttons? Why a query result? I really don’t get it.
    Lets try saving it again.

    IT WORKED! The ticket has a red light instead of a green light.
    I hope its closed.

    I loathe this application. I dread working on trouble tickets beause of the sheer intellectual overhead required to navigate what SHOULD be a simple process of annotating an issue and changing its state.
    That’s all I want to do… mark the ticket as CLOSED, get a date/time stamp on there and make a note.
    How did that get so difficult? It almost seems like the software was designed in another language and then very poorly translated into english.
    I loathe this application.

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  2. Donald Summers says:
    Feedback: 24 positive, 2 negative

    I used this product for several years and it seemed to always be “buggy” and was very slow performance, even when we optimized everything on our end at full capacity. The technical support was very troublesome as well.

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