CA Service Desk Manager

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CA Service Desk Manager Software Information

Name:CA Service Desk Manager
Solution Type:Software
Core Function:Call Center Software,Help Desk Software,Knowledge Management Software
Initial Release:
Deployment Options:On-Premise,SaaS
Trial Available:
Free Version:
Target Market:Enterprise
Vendor:CA Technologies
Web:Visit CA Technologies
Address:One CA Plaza
Islandia New York 11749
Main / Toll-Free Phone:1 800 225-5224  /  
Summary:Either on-premise or on-demand. On-premise solution relatively strong migration to keep customers on current version. Integration with CA CMDB and other products.
Price Info:

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CA Service Desk Manager Overall Ratings

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  1. Feedback: 6 positive, 2 negative

    Not impressed with the product, It’s very slow does not allow you to rapidly move through functions.

    I only type 110 WPM and I have to literally slow down to 1/4th speed because the product lags.

    The support team are awesome and really went out of their way to help, but it’s just too slow.

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