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Solution Type:Software
Core Function:Help Desk Software,Configuration Management
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Deployment Options:SaaS
Trial Available:yes
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Target Market:Small Business,Medium,Enterprise
Web:Visit SAManage
Address:1 Leshem St
Kiryat Gat 82000
Main / Toll-Free Phone:+1 888 250-8971  /  
Summary:Comprehensive, integrated solution for IT Service, ITAsset, and IT Contract Management. Also, provides integration with collaboration, SSO, and leading asset discovery tools. An API is also available.
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  1. ccarcit
    Feedback: 2 positive

    Spiceworks is great. SAManage takes IT asset management and tracking to the next level, and is worth every critical dollar our non-profit agency spends on it. As a one-person IT shop, I have found SAManage to be an exceptional solution for tracking assets, managing work orders, and generally keeping our IT house in order. The service has steadily and significantly improved over the course of the time I have been using it, and the staff and management have been incredibly responsive in addressing both issues and feature requests.

    As a former heavy user of Remedy’s Action Request system, I have to say that SAManage offers a very competitive, competent option at a fraction of the price.

    As the admin of our Google Apps domain (and having specifically requested Apps SSO integration earlier this year), I am thrilled to see SAManage enter the Apps marketplace!

    -Jack Riggen, IT Coordinator for Contra Costa ARC

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  2. thom
    Feedback: 4 positive, 1 negative

    Managing inventory used to be a nightmare. We looked at on premise solutions and nothing came close to providing the ease of use and value proposition that SAManage provides.

    The SSO with our Google Apps Domain makes it super easy for us to get in and actually manage our inventory.

    As is typical with a lot of SaaS applications, upgrades, bux fixes, feature adds – all come at lighting speed. More than once, I’ve shared a thought with the SAManage team and within days, my new feature is rolled into the scheduled release.

    Most of the time, when I find myself wishing this or that worked a certain way – I come to find out that SAManage already does what I want it to do and generally it does it better than I imagined.

    The only problems we’ve had as of late haven’t even been SAManage’s fault – though they have been helpful in tracking down the correct MS tech bulletins and patches or helped us identify machines that need BIOS updates so that the hardware can be detected by Windows correctly.

    Over the next 6 months, we will be diving into the service desk side of SAManage as a replacement for a ticketing system we currently use company wide for tech support, marketing, and office supplies.

    I’m looking forward reaping the benefits of having our IT AM system integrated with our Service Desk system.

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  3. tal.nizani
    Feedback: 1 positive

    A SaaS based, intergrated ITAM and ITSM solution.
    Very rapid implementation and quick ROI.
    Get away from using those clunky spreadsheets TODAY!

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  4. ivan.mercado
    Feedback: 4 positive

    SAManage has changed the way we looked the support service in our School. Today, our Technology Team is more organized, our information about assets is 100% real and is up to date.

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  5. Feedback: 4 positive, 1 negative

    SAManage is a great solution. IT Asset Management and IT Service Desk including Service Catalog. The QR codes is a great feature, you can scan with a mobile device and see/update the information.

    Service Catalog is another valuable part. Providing services to the end-users. No more e-mails directly, but let them enter the required information and the appropriate workflow is started.

    Great value for money!

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  6. Nir Tzur
    Feedback: 2 positive, 1 negative

    SAManage’s ability to constantly deliver a high quality product, with an ever growing feature set and increasing integrations, uniquely identifies it as a best of breed company in the SaaS arena.

    If we had to choose one thing that is most intriguing about SAManage, it would have to be the Asset Management and Service Desk integration into a single tool. This is a must have with every IT organization to streamline the work process and reduce costs.

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  7. Feedback: 2 positive, 1 negative

    Samanage helped me get control and the ability to manage our company’s assets. They were very flexible and supportive and their price fit right into our budget.

    I highly recommend them!

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  8. SAManage
    Feedback: 4 positive

    SAManage provides SaaS IT service management and asset management software that help organizations better control their IT inventory, organize licenses and contracts, detect risks and license compliance gaps, and implement an IT service desk.

    SAManage empowers companies of all sizes with IT management capabilities that were previously available only to large organizations, making it easy to automate and simplify the daily tasks associated with establishing IT governance, control, compliance, and user satisfaction.

    For more information, visit or call 1-888-250-8971.

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