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Core Function:Help Desk Software,ITSM Suite
Initial Release:2005
Deployment Options:SaaS
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Target Market:Small Business,Medium,Enterprise
Address:120 S. Sierra Avenue
Solana Beach CA 92075
Main / Toll-Free Phone:(858) 720-0477  /  
Fax:(858) 720-0479
Summary:First IT Service SaaS solution. Large set of options with everything from help desk ticketing to complete IT portfolio management.
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  1. Maria Willig
    Feedback: 25 positive, 7 negative

    I absolutely hate SERVICE NOW. I think it is extremely non-user friendly. Hard to search for incidents which you have inputted. The format is wayyyy tooo busy. Obviously the programmers of this software do not believe in “keeping it simple stupid!!”. Narrow parameters for some fields with no acceptable choice and when you do not fill them in it will not let you enter the incident. I’m sure there is much more user-friendly applications out there (albeit cheaper) that companies can find. So much for the Wall Street Journal glowing reviews of the company (yeah, like their opinion is of any real value anyway, unless your a share holder of Service Now)

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  2. Feedback: 7 positive, 2 negative

    I am a consultant, rather than a regular user of Service-Now, but from the people that I have spoken to who use it regularly, performance does seem to be a problem with installations that require over 50 concurrent users.

    However, a lot depends on how the system is configured. With a simple configuration and a modest number of users, performance is just fine. Companies that need a complex configuration and buy -any- system before they thoroughly test its performance with the required configuration really have no one by themselves to blame.

    There is no perfect solution for all companies, you simply have to make the effort to find out what system is the best fit for your requirements. I wrote a five-step guide to this process that is available here: and if you take the time and effort to follow it, you will not get burnt.

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  3. Ramandeep Singh says:
    Feedback: 6 positive, 23 negative is an excellent platform and provides many solutions. The ease with which customers can utilize it is a big plus. Not only does it make life of end users or consumers easy but also is a big plus for developers and administrators who have sufficient configuration options to make it work the way customer wants.
    All in all, it is an awesome product.

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  4. Adecco says:
    Feedback: 33 negative

    Just started using it a few months ago

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  5. PWC says:
    Feedback: 27 positive, 5 negative

    Unfortunately I have to agree with the people complaining about performance. I know that my company is one of the so-called references of Service-Now but let me say that the opinion expressed in that document is not really shared by us who have to work with the system. It looks decent, it is certainly better than the home grown system we used to have, it has all required functionalities (though all a bit shallow and not always to well thought of). BUT, performance is one big disaster! We often call it Service-Impossible. Apparently this is because we build too many queries and reports but hey, that is what the system allows us to do! Latest thing I heard is that we get our own server nearby Amsterdam or even in-house to resolve this. So much for the SaaS claim… So my opinion; the functionality is average to decent, performance however is really, really awful after you have used it for a while and did some customization and reporting.

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  6. James Smith says:
    Feedback: 8 positive, 13 negative

    I love Service-now! It’s very easy to work with and you have complete control to configure pretty much anything in the system. If you have issues with it, it’s more than likely you haven’t configured things correctly. You can reach out to Service-now support or ask on the Service-now forums if you need help.

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  7. Grace Beckett says:
    Feedback: 25 positive, 4 negative

    I was so hopeful about Service-Now when we brought it in, after replacing BMC’s Remedy, but I now wish we would have just kept Remedy. They just aren’t ready to handle organizations like ours. We are a multi-hospital system and have about 200 concurrent users in the system and the latency is unbelievably slow. We’ve worked with their tech support for many hours over multiple weeks and just not getting anywhere.

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    • Feedback: 6 positive, 9 negative

      Hi Grace,

      My name is Mike Malcangio and I work for ServiceNow. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having difficulty with latency on your instance. Latency can be a tricky issue to diagnose, but we’re well versed in identifying and working with our customers to resolve this kind issue when it does occur. Please contact me at michael dot malcangio at and I will make sure to get you connected with the right resources to remedy this problem.



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  8. Roberto Trujillo says:
    Feedback: 14 positive, 9 negative

    I’ve also had a terrible experience and thought the Service-Later comment that was posted very much applies. Everything I’ve read about Service-Now and it makes sense is their founder came from Peregrine Systems which sold the Remedy brand to BMC. If you only know one way of doing things, you can slap it into a SaaS model or whatever but you still created a terrible product in both cases. I’ve used both Remedy and Service-Now and they are equally terrible. I don’t really have a good recommendation unfortunately in this market as those are predominatly what I’ve used the last 8 years.

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  9. Adam says:
    Feedback: 25 positive, 7 negative

    Service-Now was implemented in my company about a year ago. Everyone on the field agrees it has been a complete disaster.
    – Performance is generally poor and sometimes very poor. Users call it Service-Later.
    – This is probably the most user unfriendly system ever created.
    – The database structure is so complex (read chaotic) that reporting is extremely difficult to manage. After a year with Service-Now, most reports still cannot be trusted.

    I would summarize this review by saying that it feels like the people who created Service-Now did so after reading an ITIL manual but never actually worked in a Helpdesk environment. Otherwise, Service-Now would not be so painfully awkward.

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    • jason says:
      Feedback: 9 positive, 14 negative

      Adam, how do you interact with your installation? User, admin, etc?

      In my experience between service-now and bmc, when you ask Service-now if their app can do something, the answer is always ‘yes’ then they show me how to do it through actual administration.

      when I ask Bmc to show me how, they never do.

      To admin with s-nz you don’t have to login to completely different screen and look through thousands of filters or active links to do something.

      and as far as reporting, s-n is head and shoulders better than bmc. bmc needs a completely different software to compile reports and view them.

      Maybe your admin hasn’t correctly designed your s-n instance.

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  10. Robert Bradford says:
    Feedback: 25 positive, 7 negative

    I’ve used this product a two companies in the past. First of all, I think you’ll be surprised at how “cheesy” this product looks. It is very cluttered and aesthetically is poorly thought out and designed. We experienced a tremendous amount of lag time when using this product and we made sure that it wasn’t performance coming from our end. When we did need to get on the phone with support they were very slow to respond and appeared to be a highly arrogant company with poor customer service skills. This wasn’t one bad apple as I’ve worked with many of their team through the years and they all are disruptive and arrogant to speak with. I won’t be looking at this product in the future ever again and we are underway at looking at alternative solutions.

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    • Doreen says:
      Feedback: 4 positive, 1 negative

      Robert, yours is some of the first negative news I have read about Our company is currently evaluating them to replace FrontRange HEAT and some other home grown products. Aside from your comments on the Customer Service aspect, can you elaborate on the performance issues? How long have you been a customer and what other solutions are you looking at? Sorry for the ratings…the website wouldn’t allow me to submit a reply to you without them!

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      • Tim Cornia says:
        Feedback: 5 positive, 6 negative

        My company is also in the midst of evaluating Service-now versus Remedy. It is interesting that I have talked to two Service-now customers directly and they both have said good things about Service-now. Service-now has been good about sharing customer references and giving us an opportunity to speak directly with their current customers. We have made similar requests of BMC and they have failed to provide even one reference of BMC’s SaaS solution.

        I have now seen two negative reviews of Service-now which appear to be a similar complaint on two different sites. Either it is the same person posting on both sites or there is something to the complaint. In order to evaluate the validity of the complaint, it would be helpful to know the companies who have had bad experiences and how long ago those experiences occurred. It would also be helpful to know the involvement of the person writing the post. Are they Remedy developers from the company where Service-now was installed? Are they users of the system? How did they determine that Remedy performed better than Service-now? Without that info, I am afraid that the negative opinion needs to be considered differently than actual verifiable references of people who are now using the product.

        As far as the ratings i provied, I only provided them in order to post this comment. We are not currently users of Service-now. I can provide a rating of BMC Remedy on-premise solution. That rating will have fewer stars than the review I provided above. :>

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    • Feedback: 9 positive, 14 negative

      Hi Robert – My name is Rhett Glauser and I work for ServiceNow. Your experience is not typical as evidenced by hundreds of our fanatical and successful customers. ( That said, (like Doreen and Tim) I’d personally like to understand more about your ServiceNow experience.

      Not knowing who you work for makes it difficult to for me to be more proactive, but I think I found you on Linkedin. If I found the right profile, it doesn’t look like you currently work for a ServiceNow customer. You do though have quite a bit of experience with BMC Remedy so it would be good to get your feedback. Please send me a note at rhett dot glauser at and we’ll help you.

      And a note to (the person to whom this website is registered). I rated ServiceNow five stars in every category. Yes, I am biased, but so are others commenting and rating the tools on this website. Sorry to game the system, but until anonymous posts and forced ratings are eliminated, there is no other option.

      Best regards, Rhett
      Twitter: @rglauser

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      • admin

        Hi Rhett.
        You have some valid points here.
        I’ll work on a fix so comments/replies will not force a rating.
        Also, you may have a point about allowing anonymous posts. We do our best to filter out spam and vague unhelpful negative comments. I’ll try enabling user registration and allow social network logins to try to verify user identities. If you have other suggestions please email me at info at

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      • admin
        Feedback: 4 positive

        Hi Rhett and other HelpdeskReport community members.

        In an effort to fight comment spam and unfair ratings we have made two changes to ratings:

        1. You may leave a post without entering a rating. This will allow you to leave a follow up remark or general comment without leaving any reviews.

        2. You must now register or use the social network login before reviewing. We hope this will benefit both the reviewer and software company being reviewed by allowing them to find you and resolve your issue in this forum.

        Thank you.

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